Product Key Features

  • Clinically studied
  • Patent protected
  • Guaranteed delivery of billions of LIVE bacteria in a skincare solution
  • Product contains the proprietary strain Lactobacilli m.biomeLIVESKIN88 ™ and a mix of hyaluronic acids
  • Full formulation has been studied in vivo and in vitro

Skin Benefits

  • Helps to offset microbial imbalance of the skin (problematic skin)
  • Supports the skin’s microbial shield
  • Increases hydration
  • Redness reduction
  • Clinically shown to be effective and safe
  • No side effects

L2B innovator of the world’s first two phased probiotic serum

Technical knowledge is key

Based on decades of experience in working with probiotics (lactic acid bacteria) we understand the technical challenges in delivering live bacteria in high moisture formulations (creams, gels, liquids etc…).

Not only is it critical to identify the right probiotic strain for its potential benefit but it is also key to produce the strain using a proven cryoprotective system and ensuring the probiotic is processed through its many steps ensuring little to no absorption of water while also minimizing exposure to oxygen and heat.

This historically has been the core challenge in commercializing products containing live lactic acid bacteria.  Here is how the patented DryCap®* system ensures long term stability of our probiotic strain m.biomeLIVESKIN88™ in the InfiniteSkin Microbiome Serum concept.


* DryCap is a registered mark of Biofarma Group

The probiotic portion of the formulation is isolated until use in an aluminum blister ensuring no moisture enters the probiotic powder until powder is plunged into the liquid portion of the product

By ensuring the powder does not encounter any moisture (environmental or product related) until use, the probiotic remains live and in maximum concentrations when applied to the skin